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  • 16 Julho 2017
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Crachá +1
MEO ( up some speed )
Yes, in ADSL MEO but to many client in the same feed in the switch - so if you order 24Mbs in a aerea with 1024Mbs feed - it should be 42 clients max.
MEO put 70+ clients on the same feed, and hope that some switch off the equipment. I have been in communication business since 1975 - in big companies
- only MEO can do it this way. I put on my network analyzer and got the result - because years of talking and talking - big phone bills - with MEO.
HOW can a company tie a whole people down this way ? Portugal need up and running like rest of Europe - do business on the internet - with the correct speed !
Test your speed at http://speedtest.net - you will see the speed is NOT what you are paying for - sorry to say MEO.
AND an overprised phonenumber is not allowed anymore - and it need to be a normal phone number with normal fee ! - EU-regulations.
- In Tavira we have been waiting for fiber - promised in 2007 ! , and still waiting (07-2017)
Martin Vindheim
+351 9100 45000

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