Problems with the internet

  • 21 September 2021
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Sorry for the English! After 3 times calling, it took more than half an hour to finally het a person to speak with, the only thing the ladies could do, was make a reset from their desk. No success… the internet works a few seconde, and than it decides to go out of the normal mode again. This situation is nog accuring for 4 days and there is no change. What can we do? We were promised that a technican would give us a call on our mobile. But till now, we have not received any. We think there is a problem in the Fibre cable. Is is daagde, or something happend. Does anyone in the area was a problem like this as well?? Hope to hear from you AND thanks for that

3 respostas

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@Mikael Karlsson pode ir ao Google tradutor e colocar aqui o seu pedido de ajuda em português.

Percebo e sei escrever em inglês, mas convenhamos, é um pouco de preguiça(sua),coloque em português o seu problema e deverá ter ajuda , não custa nada , tradutor Google 👍

Mikael, I respond on you post, because you have the same problem we had. It took a few days, consistingly phoning and suddenly a technician promised to make a different reset, and after that we had never the same problem again. I wish you luck and I hope it will be solved soon. It  you have to pay for a technician, than there is maybe something else wrong!

I have exactly the same problem. MEO is does not answer very fast. When they answer they do not speak English. They connect you to someone else and you never really get any help. 


Also problem with internet. Now they want my to pay for a technician even if I have complained within my 30 days and I have called them frequently.