Mudar DNS no Fibregateway GR241AG

  • 17 Fevereiro 2018
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Quero mudar o DNA no Fibregateway GR241AG, mas o manual não disse nada sobre isso.

DNS primário ---
DNS secundário ---

Dento do router (e o manual) não tem números como acima.

Tentei Telnet, mas não tem privilegos sufficientes. O DNS do MEO são muito ruins.

Alguém sabe Telnet como Amin a adicionar DNS, por exemplo Google, ou firmware que permite esse capacidade básico? 

9 respostas

I would like to do that too.
Seems to me that MEO provide a real junk piece of a router.
I would like to exchange it with something better but since it has fibre and not ethernet wan connection it is not possible.
Really really bad of MEO!!!!
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The GR241AG router itself appeas to be really good, but MEO has hacked it to block you from using good DNS servers. If you have the SU password, which every MEO Tech support has, they can liberate those functions in seconds. Their excuse to me is that the Portuguese government orders them to block these functions, so that that can stop you visiting "illegal websites" such as torrenting sites and that allows you to get rides cheaper than taxis.

The big problem is that the codes that redirect every internet call back to MEO, then pass back to where you wanted to visit slow down the computer a lot. That gave 1Git fibre, and really slow internet, where a 256MB file would take a very short number of seconds, but web pages very slow to load.


Is it really true that the government orders the use of slow an inefficient DNS servers as MEO tech support claims? Or do they like that excuse, as such redirect codes allow them to get extra revenus from advertising?


In my case I have a good solution for the moment. I bought the other model of router that MEO uses, the TG589vac V2 from England, any country will do that is not Portugal, as NOS sabotages their routers the same way as MEO.

Set up the Fibergateway GR241AG to NOT have DHCP, plug the cable to the Technicolor TG589vac V2. Set the DNS servers in the second router to Google,
Now the whole house has 1Gbit Internet that is drastically faster, without Firefox constantly crashing due to the redirect codes of MEO.

If you can get a technician to give you the Administrator or the Super User password to liberate your router to use these totally simple and normal functions, you won't need to buy un-sabotaged equipment. MEO technicians claimn the government orders them to sabotage their routers; unless I read such a law with my own eyes, I more wonder if it this sabotage is not against the law.


I somebody needs this in Portuguese, will provide that, but your question was in English.
Thanks a lot for your answer, really good to know information.
Do I understand you correctly: Do you connect the wan port of the technicolor to any lan port on the GR241AG?
In that case, why a technicolor instead of e.g. a Dlink,ASUS or my favourite a Unifi Security Gateway or similar?

Best regards,

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Hello Rickie,

I have Port 1 (don't really know if it matters) to the LAN port of the GR241AG. I am sure your Unifi Security Gateway will be better. Just that MEO removed the Technicolor from the middle of my apartment, and gave me the FibreGateway near the entrance, so I already had screws in the wall and cables in the right place for the Technicolor, and already knew it worked at 1Gbit. I didn't want to tell people to get just anything, they might accidentally get one at 100Mbit.

I am getting 900Mbit on speed tests from the second router. If you don't use MEOs Fibregateway, you might not get the telephone and TV working.


I tried to flush MEO DNS by telnet, response was need the SU password. If MEO gives you the password, you don't need to buy equipment.


The Technicolor works dramatically better with either Google DNS, or SmartDNS, using their DNS for Spain, secondary Italy, tertiary Google. MEO and NOS DNS servers make a terrible mess of my computer. Next step is to firure out how to connect directly to my own server in Germany.


Regards, Rowland
Made some tests, didn't work good enough. Don't know why. However could set DNS in my MAG 254 IPTV box and that is a way forward.
However I realised that the GR241AG Fibrerouter from MEO answer on ping!!!! This is a very serious security issue! Of cours it just take secods until someone start portscanning your GR241AG router! This in itself is a good enough reson for MEO to tell the admin password.

Another thing, would this fibre converter solve the problem so any router can be used? I am not very familiar with fibre networks....
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Agreed it is serious security issue that somebody else has the has the admin password and you do not. They need that to be able to update the firmware on your router without permission each time somebody publishes the admin password.


I woudl lke to know how the alternative media converter works. Your free fixed phone number will not work if you remove their router, but I think will if you use their router as a wireless repeater.

Fixed phone is not important to me so I don't care if I loose it.
If I was certain that the fibre connector in the media converter was the right type I would go along and buy the converter, But in the notes for the converter it is mentioned:

1. Default with US standard power adapter; UK, EU, BR, AU standards can be provided as request.
2. SFP modules is not included in the price, if you need SFP modules also, welcome to contact by clicking here.


Hi again!

The manual for the GR241AG mention:

1x Single mode Optical Fiber Cable (SC/APC Connector)

So the trick is to find an SFP that match this one.
You can change the DNS settings for each computer. (See That gives you Uber (if you need it) and also access to the meo web site.