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  • 24 January 2023
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Dear MEO-team,

I have no other way than contact you via this forum. I can’t reach your hotline (+351 961 001 620), can’t send you an e-mail and can’t visit your store as I am living in Germany.

I recently wanted to cancel my contract as I am living in Germany now. However, you keep charging me big amounts (€340, €223,18 ...) and I don’t understand why. myMEO is only in portugues so that I don’t understand a single word and can’t contact you. This is not very customer friendly. I also can’t connect my product to myMEO which would be helpful to see whats going on. I have a GERMAN phone number and can’t put it anywhere in your system as it allows only portuguese numbers. So in conclusion you simply don’t offer any contact services for non-portuguese people.


Can you please contact me via myMEO or mail and solve this issue.





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According to your report, you probably contracted a service with a minimum stay period or another issue related to non-return of equipment. Bearing in mind that you have already canceled the service, it will no longer be possible for you to associate the product in the customer area (this is normal). Try to contact by number or try this form

As this is a public forum, MEO services will not contact you back in this way nor via email.