Meo cancellation recorded call details were lost, no red complaints book details given, and no details of how to return boxes

  • 19 August 2022
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Can someone from MEO please email me, I can´t get through on the phone from overseas and have no email to contact you. My MEO account no longer lets me send messages as my services were disconnected a couple of months ago.

Basically you lost my cancellation request, I then gave you the details of the time-date-details of the recorded call and you confirmed you would cancel my services. I was advised I´d receive details of how to reutrn the boxes or have them collected, but no one sent me any thing, now i´ve received a large invoice for not returning the items. 


You also refused my request multiple times for details of your red complaints book. 


Please contact me urgently and doñt deduct any more money from my account.

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