Impossible situation!

  • 21 Dezembro 2018
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I sincerely apologize for writing in English, I hope I do not offend. My problem is that I cannot get to speak to anyone in authority at Meo and hope someone on this forum can give me a name and an email address of someone who can solve my problem.

We own an upmarket villa (Alojamento Local) with 5 tvs, 3 of them smart and wifi for our guest. I have Meo satelite for one of the TV's and the best wifi I can get is 4-5mbs download sometimes only 2.5mbs which is hopeless for our guests. Smart tv's are then useless with such low bandwidth and guests cannot video stream to their laptops or phones. This is embarrassing and no way to run a business!!

We have been in this business for 8 years now and every year I check with Meo about fibra, they say I can't have it but it is only about 1km away. There are several neighbors who want it also.

How can I get fibre? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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