How to replace GR241AG with a good router

  • 30 Junho 2018
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This router really stinks. As user meo it is for instance not possible to change the DNS server, and that is a really erious secority issue.
I suppose that MEO tech's have the admin password to this router.
Meaning, any MEO tech employee or former tech engineer can change the DNS server to a fake DNS server that for instance points a bank address to a fake address to his own web server that looks exactly as the real banks website. Then they have your username and password for the real bank....

Also,MEO only allows the user to configure firewall on or off. This is absolutely ridiculous. Who has ever heard of a router with onl forewall on/off???

So, how do you replace this router woth a good one from e.g. Ubiquiti, D-Link, Netgear, ASUS etc?
Do MEO provide a converter PON -> RJ45 ethernet?

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Actually the device you have installed isn't just a simple router, since it serves as an ONT (optical network terminal) as well.


You can however activate at the LAN settings the bridge mode (at the bottom of the page) and you can connect (on the ethernet 4 port) a different router directly to the internet, and you also have the advantage of not having to configure VLANs, etc.


Hope it helps.

Yes it realy stinks,no way you can configure DNS and firewal,i did already made use of a second router on bridge mode with Meo Fibergateway and the speed i’m getting is ridiculous slow(158ms ping,10Mbs download,12Mbs upload) There is no way to substitute this router with another at least for now because it has ONT+Router all in one device.