How do I get service from MEO?

  • 2 August 2020
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I tried phoning MEO. It just meant waiting and waiting and waiting etc no response.

I contacted my contact person so could get the MEO service people to phone me. But I was informed that there is no one in the MEO organiosaton who knows how to phone a foreign mobile number. As a matter of porinciple, MEO only service people with Portuguese mobile numbers. For the same reason, it was impossible for the MEO organisation to send me an SMS.

So I visited the MEO office at Saldanha. I was there Monday morning and my request was noted. They also got my m,ail address. I heard nothing from them. So Thursday morning I went back and got the response that over the three days, there was no one in the whole MEO organisation that could set off five minutes to send me an email in order to suggest a time for a service man to help me.

After some more protests from me, my comtact person finally helped me and got me a service man who came to help me. He solved half of my problem but needed a new router to solve the other part. This was one month ago and nothing is happening. My contact person is on vacation and the rest of MEO has a principle of never contacting anyone without a Portuguese phone. 

Sp what should I do. I do not want to get a Portuguese mobile phone number just on order to get the service from MEO that I am paying for.



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I inform you that the situation is not the matter that the assistants don´t know how to call international numbers. But the question is, assistants and technicians are not allowed to call non-Portuguese numbers. My suggestion is to use a prepaid number (from any PT ISP) free of charge

After all you are in Portugal and you don't need to pay roaming at your Mobile service provider when you call PT numbers.

What I imagine is happening is that you ask to change the router and the technician who is going to change the equipment is unable to phone you, for the reason mentioned above. Giving the intervention concluded, with unsuccessful contact.

However, this is a public forum and it is not possible to carry out a detailed analysis on issues related to accounts, billing or breakdowns.

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Thanks for your answer, but

There are many Europeans living in Portugal retaining their old phone numbers since there is no reason to get a local phone, with the low costs nowadays of phoning within Europe. 

The MEO policy seems very outdated and not worthy of a modern telecommunication company. My feeling is that they want to push me to buy a local phone number from them.

Their competitor Vodafone does not have this policy. So one solution for me could be to switch from MEOI to Vodafone.

Anyhow, we are just discussing contacting me to book a time for them to come to my home and solve the problem. They could email me. They could SMS me on my non-Portuguese phone. The serviceman could ask someone who is allowed to phone internationally to call me. There must be someone within the MEO house who is allowed to do that.

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My question remains: How do I get in written contact with someone at MEO.

My MEO bill has an incorrect address, but it is not possible for me to get in contact with MEO to get this corrected. 

MEO knows my email address, they send the bill by email So any MEO employee who reads this may write an email to me to start getting things correct.

If MEO has any interest in correcting this.

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You can, comfortably, use your MEO customer area. Where at any time you can consult invoices, place orders etc. With invoices in hand, I suggest that you proceed with the registration of the product in the area of ​​MEO customers. After doing so, if you have not already done so. You will have access to a range of options.

Access do your login and proceed to register your product. (you can use the same login you use to access this forum, it’s optional).


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I see no place there where I can inform you of my correct address. I am just asked time and time again to give my NIF number and to add additional products. I do not want to add products, I would rather want to delete products because of the dismal service.

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Mind to access again. Select “faturas” then on the next page right conner you will have the “billing address” = “Morada de faturação” (button “alterar” to change). 

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Thanks, I found it and tried to change it. I will see next bill if it is OK.

The only problem I had was that MEO wanted me to enter a Portuguese mobile number. I do not have that, Nowadays you do not need a local number in every country where you are. European numbers work OK all over Europe.

But hopefully I was allowed to change the address anyhow.