How can I buy internet without having a CC/BI number?

  • 5 Abril 2019
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Firstly I would like to kindly ask not to recommend me buying the SIM card router thing. I already have that, and nothing about it is worth it. Unit price, range, utility, internet limit, price of internet, recharging every 15 days, connectivity, I asked at the stores as well and they all suggest me the same thing.

I found this page, where I am able to pick a monthly subscription option with a 100 euro installation fee, but without a contract. However, the next page requests a CC/BI number which I don't have. There are no options for using your passport number or any other forms of official identification, which is very weird considering a package like this would be more popular among non-citizens, I'm guessing.

Is there any way I could use a different form of ID?

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