Getting fibre broadband in Cascais

  • 28 Julho 2019
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We are moving to Cascais next month and I want details of your fibre/internet offer. I cannot leave a message on your normal site or ask for a call back, as it won't accept my UK phone details, and your help line is permanently busy. I have just waited for 40 minutes, but nobody answered.

4 respostas

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Howdy @paulhodges1

I suggest you to check the bundles available at, depending on your needs and preferences. As well as also suggest you to go to a store. There's one at the Shopping center Cascais Villa.

I hope that can help.
I'm afraid this doesn't help as we are in the UK at the moment. I need to speak to someone now, so that i can arrange for the system to be installed before we arrive in Cascais
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Hi, @paulhodges1

Sorry I can't help you in this terms. I'd like to suggest you to contact the comercial support It is important to you to choose your bundle first or have an idea.

I'm not sure if it is possible to install the service before you arrive. reason, there's a need to install equipements
I've already tried calling them, and nobody answers. I wasted 47 minutes on the line. I've need to be able to email someone, but the email forms only allow a Portuguese telephone number, and so are useless for me