English language fault reporting

  • 7 Dezembro 2020
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I have had no internet or phone service for 5 days. I phoned on Wednesday and spent 1 hour and 20 minutes reporting the fault as I was passed from one operator to the next. I was promised an engineer would visit on Saturday and no-one came. I have just spent another 40 minutes trying to navigate the menu options only to be no further forward.

it seems ridiculous that MEO can invoice me in English, develop a website in English but can not offer a navigable fault reporting service in English. I understand that we are in Portugal but you have 10’s of thousands of customers who don’t speak Portuguese as their first language. It would be enormously helpful if you could simply publish an English language guide to the menu options when reporting a fault on your English language website.

1 resposta

Ah you make the mistake of thinking the Portuguese have any idea how to run a business properly...