Connection to fibre Optic

  • 9 Maio 2021
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I live in a village close to Pedrogao Grande, Fibre Optic cables run along the main road through the village, about 80 mtrs from my home and yet Meo tell me that Fibre is not available in my area yet.  However I know that it is as both the  health Centre and the school are connected.  There is a PDO box on a pole that I can see from my window.  I am paying 67Eur per month and getting an average of 2.5 / 3 Mbps service, whereas people less than a Kilometre away are paying less than me and getting 300 / 400 Mbps.  How on earth do I get to contact someone at Meo who will take responsibility to fully investigate this rather than fob me off with lame excuse that their “technical dept” say its not possible.  This all stems from the original installation when they had ( still do have ) the wrong road name for my address.  This has gone on for months now - its sickening 

3 respostas

I am in exactly the same position, the fibre optic cable runs outside my house but Meo keep saying it’s not ready to be connected.  An engineer who came to fix the ASDL line asked why I wasn’t on fibre as it was available!  When I rang up they said it wasn’t available!  Then 2 weeks ago a salesman from Meo called to say fibre was available and to ring 16200, I did and Meo said it wasn’t but they would send me a text/sms message when it was available, Meo sent me a text/SMS message yesterday to say fibre was now available and to ring 16200, I did and they said it wasn’t available!! It’s not very good is it?

It’s a joke at best, for 67 euros per month it is totally a rip off! If I had an alternative provider I would jump tomorrow, but greedy MEO have a monopoly in my area 

Meo are the only ones who offer ADSL and there isn’t a mobile broadband signal here. So I’m stuck with them! I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t keep telling me I can have Fibre Optic, then telling me I can’t!