Archer D9 ( Tplink ) Settings for Meo ADSL

  • 4 September 2015
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AC1900 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit ADSL2+ Modem Router Archer D9

i am not able to connect that router with Meo ADSL if some one knows setthings please share 

Solução por xptopt 10 September 2015, 23:27

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Não é possivel a outro router ADSL, sem ser o fornecido pela meo, aceder ao IPTV. Parem de estar aqui a dar dicas, ou valores que não resultam. Este tipo de situações só servem comprovadamente para baixar a seriedade dos assuntos que se tratam aqui, como se já não bastasse a MEO anunciar produtos que depois não têm suporte para os aguentar.
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Boa ?


Eu não tenho ADSL mas tenho visto clientes a dizer que não é possível
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Que comédia.

XPTO, conhece alguém que se tenha ligado ao serviço de IPTV por ADSL por outro router sem ser o fornecido pela MEO?
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Hi ?

the problem is probably not in the PPPOE credentials, i think it starts after you activate the IPTV settings.

try to start from zero and don't activate the IPTV, if it works without IPTV you should contact TP-Link support.

there's another way to use your router, the easiest way is to use it in bridge, your router have a option to turn a lan port in a WAN port, after that just follow this tutorial.


Just do the steps 1,2,3,4
no caue modem was not connecting ineternet and i have to call meo again and ask them fro new ppoe passord or reset but tonight i try to do that 

but thats settings what u show me in pic its was on by dafult in modem when ip tv was freezing 
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Hi ?

you get that error but the internet is working or no ?


i have searshed for that specific error and is a common TP-Link error , and is normally recommended to ignore it .


have you activated the IGMP Proxy option? It could resolve your freezes on the IPTV and the log error, you can find the option at Wan Settings.



And you need to activate the IGMP Snooping to , you can find it at Lan Settings.



Today i change router from Meo To Tplink Same eroe is giving again measn again need to call meo and ask them for refresh Ppoe password 


  Network Connection Status Inspect(NCSI)



Thats is logs

V2 igmp router occured! Not matching ours V3.

in Mid Night I change Router and check That Options and then i Update you 

Thansk Dear Brother 

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Hi ?

You need to find an option on your router called IGMP Proxy and enable it, you may need to activate another option called IGMP Multicast or Multicast snooping.

For IP TV I use 


Iptv work but after some second frist channel stuck and then Box says no service and if change channel its work and repat same thing to much dissconetion .. 
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Hi ?

i am glad i was able to help you.


Problem is solved settings are working fine .... 
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Hi ?


lets try start again from the beginning, reset your router and start doing just the quick setup .


Try with PT (internet) , PT( Dual Edge 3PLAY) or (Dual Edge 3PLAY Dynamic IP) im not sure what is the correct one , and the VCI/VPI is 0.35


Don't do any other configuration for now.



Note. Before you remove your Meo router o should first disconnect the PPPOE connection to avoid wait for the connection expire before you can be able to reconnect in your new router.

i recheck my account password in Meo Techinicolor Router and connect that ID and Password work fine Techinicolor Router ...

if its not a reasion ... is possible for u fix my problem via Teamviwer ?

or if i call meo what i ask them to do 
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hi ?

All looks ok, the problem is probably incorrect PPPOE password.
Pic 2
Pic 1
here is am sending u 2 pic you can check what is wrong with that 


Pic ONE in That Message and Pic 2 and Second Reply 
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Hi ?


Does the router receive a public ip address ?


If yes , that means your PPPOE credentials are not correct, if a PPPOE connection is cogfigured with incorrect user or password the router will receive a public ip address but will not be able to browse the internet .


You should contact Meo costumer service "16200" and ask them to force a new password for your PPPOE connection.
Dear MOD i am getting that eror 

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Hi ?

It should be something like this


DSL Modulation Type – ADSL2+
Annex Type – Annex A
ISP – PT( Dual Edge 3PLAY) or (Dual Edge 3PLAY Dynamic IP)
Connection Type – PPPOE

VPI – 1
VCI -35



Note. Before you remove your Meo router o should first disconnect the PPPOE connection to avoid wait for the connection expire before you can be able to reconnect in your new router.
xptopt  I post 4 Picture above 

1st for Meo Router info 

and 3 others are Archer D9 ( Tplink )  Settings .. So tell me what i should chose to connet with Meo adsl 
Archer D9 Settings  3
Archer D9 Settings  2
Archer D9 Settings  1